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Care.Life revolutionizes elderly care with innovative technology, introducing a new era of nurse call systems. Using edged technology sensors, our solution closely monitors health and safety in assisted living communities, detecting falls, changes in activity, sleep patterns, and vital signs. Cost-effective and scalable, it provides timely alerts to staff for intervention, addressing the caretaker shortage and promoting independence and peace of mind for residents and families.


Our Commitment to Innovative Care

To empower assisted living communities with innovative health and wellness monitoring technology, ensuring the safety, well-being, and dignity of residents while enabling staff with actionable insights for proactive care.

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Shaping the Future of Elderly Care

To be the foremost provider of health and wellness monitoring solutions in the assisted living industry, creating communities where residents flourish, families find peace of mind, and caregivers deliver personalized care with compassion and confidence.

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3000 S Sierra Vista Way, Provo, Utah 84606

+1 (801)559-7390


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