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A New Generation of Nurse Call System

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Introducing Care.Life

Care.Life is a nurse call system that uses non-invasive sensors to detect falls, changes in movement activity, sleep patterns, and vital signs of residents in Home Living Communities.


The system alerts staff or caregivers when help is required, allowing them to provide timely assistance and support to residents.

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Fall Detector.png

Fall Detector

Fall Sensor uses non-harmful radar to detect that a person is on the floor for longer than 1 min.



Sleep score, Avg. heart rate, Avg. breathing rate, Bed Entry/Exits and More.


Air Purifier 

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Capable of detecting motion, temperature, and humidity.

Monitors air quality and sends alerts if the air is unhealthy to breath

Why Care.Life?

Care.Life is concerned that Room 1 has not had any movement for 12+ hours. Press 1 to ackn

Automatically knows when to respond.
Quick reaction to critical situations decreases the need for hospitalization and allows individuals to remain at their residences longer with supported independence.

A Community with efficient staff. Our technology simplifies the process of identifying issues in communities with limited staff by automatically notifying community members when a concern is detected.

Care.Life is concerned that Room 1 has not had any movement for 12+ hours. Press 1 to ackn

Easily allow for Family to Check-in
Ensuring the peace of mind of families is a top priority, but keeping them informed can be challenging. Our solution grants trusted family members access to residents' information.

Start providing the best care with Care.Life

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