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Fall detection 

Care.Fall is a smart device that can detect falls and automatically alert caregivers, with no cameras, no buttons, and even no wearable.

Air quality 

An air purifier with HEPA filters removes 99.97% of all airborne particles that pass through the filter.


Care.Sleep monitors both respiratory & heart rate while sleeping, Display how many times you leave the bed at night, and for how long they slept.

Our App

Our app is where all data is displayed, such as sleep score, air temperature, and last movement in the house.


Care.Motion keeps track of daily activity. Every device monitors the room temperature for dangerous levels.

Profesional installation 

To make sure the system is working perfectly we will do the installation for you.


A Fall Occurs

Fall Detected
By Care.Fall


We alert loved ones and caretakers

How does it work?

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Care.Life Options

12-month subscription

 One Time Installation fee:
$300- $0 

Up to 5 Care.Motion
1 Care.Sleep

Up to 5 Room Activity Tracking
Room Temperature Alerts
Respiratory & Heart Rate Data
Unlimited App Access
Trending Sleep Data

12-month subscription

Up to 8 Care.Motion
1 Care.Sleep
1 Care.Fall

Everything in Standard Care

Up to 8 Rooms Activity Tracking
1 Room Automatic Fall Detection
Inactivity Alerts After 12 hours



 One Time Installation fee:
$300 - $0 

12-month subscription

Up to 15 Care.Motion
1 Care.Sleep
2 Care.Fall
1 Care.Air

Everything in Essential.Care

Up to 15 Rooms Activity Tracking
2 Room Automatic Fall Detection
Inactivity Alerts After 12 Hours
HEPA 99.97%
Unhealthy Air Alert



 One Time Installation fee:
$300 - $0 

Limited time offer: FREE installation + 30-day FREE trial

" has helped me stay home, by letting my family know that I'm okay "

June LeBret, 68

"Amazing Product, Really good customer services,  innovate technologies"

Nathan, 45

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