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Care.Life is a subscription-based monitoring and alert system for Home and Assisted Living Communities.


 Using sensors we detect falls, degrading movement activity, sleep analysis, vital signs, and even daily routine changes that may suggest help is required.

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Why Care.Life?

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1. Efficient Staff

For communities and agencies that rely on fewer staff to meet the needs of a larger population, our technology makes it easier to identify where the problems are.

2. Resident Retention

Faster response to concerning events reduces hospitalizations and allows individuals to remain at their residence longer with supported independence.


3. Financial Support

Despite the affordability, communities and agencies can pass costs of the system to their clients while charging a monitoring service fee to help increase revenue meanwhile improving retention.

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Our System 

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Monitors respiratory & heart rate while sleeping, display how many times someone leaves the bed at night, and for how long they slept.

Fall detection 

Care.Life provides a better protection with instant fall detection. An alert is sent to caregivers and loved ones when a fall occurs.


Each device keeps track of daily activity, monitors the room temperature for dangerous levels, and notifies caregivers if there is no movement for 12+ hours.

Air quality 

An air purifier with HEPA filters removes 99.97% of all airborne particles that pass through the filter. Staff is notified if there is dangerous air present such as smoke.

Our Apps

The Care.Life app displays all data, such as sleep score, air temperature, and last movement in the house. 
Available on IOS and Android


Room Activity

Sleep Data 

Respiratory Monitoring*

Heart Monitoring*

 Passive Fall Detection

Inactivity Alerts

Air Purifier

Unhealthy Air Alert

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Traditional Devices

App Acces 

*Sleep Sensor

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60-day free trial

All features included 

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Choose the Sensors

Customize a community by selecting only the sensors and quantity needed. Plus, our experts are here to help advise!


All sensors are plug and play, we educate communities on placement. Care.Life will coordinate with your team for staff training.

Enjoy Peace of mind

Communities can rest easy with the layer of protection provided by Care.Life. Receive support and continued updates to the alerts, insights, and data.