Be worry-free.


Each device has 170sqft of Automatic fall detection  

Nothing to wear, the passive device uses radar to detect falls.

Respect your privacy with no cameras.

Can detect a fall even in the shower.

Pets and cleaning robots aren't a problem.

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A fall happened

We detected it

We alert you

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All data is displayed on our app


Designed to give you better sleep.

Receive a nightly score on how well you slept.


Nothing to wear, the passive device uses only vibrations from your mattress.

Monitor both Respiratory & Heart Rate.

Understand your sleep duration and interruptions.

Display how many times you leave bed at night. 



Receive alerts for unhealthy air in the home whether it's smoke, germs, or pollutants.

HEPA Filters Remove 99.97% of all airborne particles that pass throught the filter 

Automatically receive Free replacement filters and UV-C disinfectant bulbs.

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Alerts sent straight to you 

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Peace of mind at your fingertips


Keep track of daily movement.

If there is no movement all day we alert you.

Every device monitors the room temperature for dangerous levels.

Replacement batteries are provided free when your device is running low.


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