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The Proven System that Adds Safety and Increases Margins

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Average Fall Response Time


Improvement of response time


Increase in Occupancy Rate

Transforming Assisted Living with Smart Technology.png

Transforming Assisted Living with Smart Technology

Care.Life provides devices like reliable fall detectors and help buttons, integrated into an app that offers actionable data to improve quitlity services and staff outcomes.

Our Partners 

Case Study

Heart from our communities

Seasons Assisted Living, a premier senior care community, aimed to improve care quality and efficiency. Facing slow response times and moderate tour conversion rates, they integrated Care.Life's advanced AI nurse call system. This dramatically improved response times, enhancing resident safety and boosting family confidence.


“Care.Life helps us beat our competitors and also it’s pushing that resident safety for the building. We love it because it’s direct, it’s fast, and we’re able to take care of the resident”

Alexis VanOrden

Executive Director

"I'm happiest when things go smoothly. Care.Life always provides immediate support and valuable insights that lead to direct change for our communities. Grateful for their assistance!"

Kayden Grenko


"I felt anxious about being alone. My last fall left me on the floor for hours and I was unable to call for help. Now, my fall sensor gets me help immediately."

Evelyn Polehnee


Ready to start providing the best care with CareLife?

Embrace the future of assisted living with CareLife. Our advanced technology, from AI nurse call systems to reliable fall detection.

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All-in-One Caregiver Solution

Care.Life equips Assisted Living Communities with actionable data to support care plans and reliable fall detection, ensuring better outcomes for the community, staff, and residents.

Reliable Fall Detection

Resident Call Button  

Alert Dashboard 

Resident Insights 

Tasking & Workflow Management

Incident Note-Taking

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