The Best Solution for your Residents 

Keep your residents happier and caregivers with peace of mind 

 Innovating Senior Care

Unlike traditional devices, Care.Life monitors for daily activity and will alert your staff when a concerning event occurs

No buttons, No Cameras, Nothing to wear 

Added Value For Resident and Families 


Makes your facility stand out above the rest. Your resident would stay longer.


Reduce Stress On Facility Staff

Your staff can focus on residents needs, knowing they will be notified if someone needs help.

Enhance operational efficiency


Monitor multiple clients on a single dashboard to help prioritize care. Care.Life increases staff efficiency with campus-wide awareness, notifications, unexpected activity alerts, and more.

Our System 


Fall detection 



Care.Fall is a smart device that can detect falls and automatically alert caretakers, with no cameras, no buttons, and even no wearable.

Care.Sleep monitors both respiratory & heart rate while sleeping, Display how many times your residents leave the bed at night, and for how long the slept.

Care.Motion keeps track of daily activity. Every device monitors the room temperature for dangerous levels.

Air quality 

An air purifier with HEPA filters removes 99.97% of all airborne particles that pass through the filter.

Our Apps

We provide apps to your caretakers so they can review all data, so they can provide the best care they have to offer. 

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