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About Us

Care.Life, a revolutionary technology developed by Hall Labs, is designed to tackle the issue of providing care for an aging population. By introducing a new generation of nurse call systems, our cost-effective and scalable solution utilizes non-invasive sensors to closely monitor the health and safety of elderly individuals living in care communities. The system can detect falls, changes in movement activity, sleep patterns, vital signs, and daily routine changes that may indicate a need for assistance, alerting staff for timely intervention and support for aging individuals, thus addressing the caretaker shortage in the industry.


Hall Labs is a premier innovation hub that gathers a team of highly skilled and accomplished scientists, engineers, and other experts to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues, from sustainability to personal transportation. It is a modern, state-of-the-art facility located in Provo, Utah.

Like the pioneering work of Edison Labs, Hall Labs is dedicated to fostering and developing new technologies from their earliest stages of conception to their eventual commercialization. The campus provides a comprehensive array of resources and support for business development, including funding, research and development, machine learning, engineering, supply chain management, patent support, and more. The companies grown in Hall Labs have access to a vast team of unified experts, including engineers, chemists, strategists, accountants, attorneys, advisors, and more, who provide invaluable support to the projects.


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David Hall
Ezra Torres
CEO & Founder of Care.Life
Chairman of Care.Life, Inc. and Hall Labs, LLC a modern-day Edison Labs with the core competence of generating, incubating, and commercializing the technology. Areas of expertise to name a few include auto manufacturing, smart home technology, and drilling.
MSc. International Business Management University of London.

An entrepreneur has worked with over 20 early-stage companies and CEO's to help them reach revenue. Ezra has supported International product launches, market strategizing, hardware/ software development, M&A, and more.
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